"Hi!  I'm Sue, also called Susie.  I'm presently living the good retired life after having worked at UDAC for many years where I shredded paper with the best of them.  

These days you can find me relaxing in my recliner while enjoying a big, steaming cup of coffee.  I like reading the newspaper each morning, asking about the weather, and watching old fashioned black and white films.

It would be fun to meet you if you were to work here.  Perhaps you could even bring me a Diet Coke from McDonalds...hint,'s my favorite."


"Hello there!  My name is Cole and I'm a BIG fan of country music, but not just any country...CLASSIC country.  Some of my favorites include Johnny Cash and Kenny Rogers.  

My typical day includes helping my staff with garbage and recycling, exercising, listening to music, and grabbing a cheeseburger and a raspberry ice tea at some of my favorite restaurants in town."


"Hello!  My name is Brandon and I bet you don't know what my favorite sound is!  It's a back-up beeper!  I LOVE making back up beeper noises, looking them up on YouTube, or laughing when my housemates or staff make the back-up beeper sound.  Aside from fun noises, I can often be found laughing uncontrollably if you copy anything I say or do.  I love it!

By day I work hard at UDAC, as I chat with visitors and perform laundry runs.  By night you can find me out playing instruments at Schmitt Music, playing on the phones at Best Buy and Target, hanging out in the hot tub at the YMCA, or checking out some CDs at the library."