The A&E Story

Opening its first door over a decade ago, A & E Homes, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company committed to providing personalized residential care to individuals with developmental disabilities, with a special emphasis on creating a family-focused environment.

A & E opened their first home, affectionately referred to as "Hutch", in December of 2005. For 7 years Hutch would remain A & E's sole focus. Until March of 2013, when St Louis County selected A & E Homes, Inc. among dozens of other providers to grant a license to open a brand new home. A & E purchased land, designed a fully-accessible 4-bedroom home, and began construction of their second program, "405". 

Shortly after finalizing plans for the 405 home, A & E learned of a family foster home in Lakeside that was considering retirement. In an effort to ensure the program's residents of over 20 years did not have to relocate into other homes, A & E proposed purchasing the program and absorbing management. This home, "London", was officially added to the A & E family in July 2013. 

Tripling in size in under 6 months, A & E opened the doors of the 405 home in December of 2013, 8 years and one day after opening Hutch.