“Yeah, hi there! My name is Cole and I’m a big fan of music. Depending on the day it could be Country-Western, Rock and Roll, or even Katy Perry!


A typical day for me includes helping staff with garbage and recycling, making sure I get at least 3 miles on my exercise bike, and, of course, listening to music or sitting down for a quick TV show.


My favorite part of the week is when I go out for lunch. I almost always get a cheeseburger, French fries, and a soda. If you came to work with me, the best way to get to know me is over a nice meal out!


“Hi-ya! I’m Clarice! I love friends, hugs, and Snapchat filters!


I love to keep busy whether it’s helping the staff make sure the day stays on track, dancing my heart away to music, or enjoying some fun and games with my house mates.


Back in the day, I was an all-star in the Special Olympics community and still run in to people I know almost everywhere I go!


If you came to work with me, I promise to keep you on your toes and never have a dull moment.”