We offer great Work Perks!

College Students are Welcome

Let's face it, homework can weigh down even the hardest working student!  We put it off, and put it off, and put it off, and then scramble to get it done at the last second. At A&E, our folks' needs are top priority, however our employees are welcome to utilize downtime as an opportunity to get a bit of studying done.  Also, A&E is proud to offer scholarships to our employees as a way to say "thank you" for all you do, including being successful with your education! 

Asleep Overnights

A&E offers asleep overnight shifts at all of our programs! This shift is an excellent way to work those needed hours and to also rest and relax before jumping back to your daily responsibilities in the AM. 

We Are Paw Friendly

Picture the sad face your puppy dog gives when they stay home while you go to work.  Well, at A&E, we love having your furry friends around as it brings joy to our folks and enriches their day.  So bring Fido...but also bring a baggie...you know what it's for!

Our Folks are just amazing!

At A&E, every day is an adventure! We believe that the folks we serve benefit each of our lives as much as our employees benefit their's. We work with truly amazing individuals and we do not take this for granted; They are what makes A&E a great place to work!